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So happy you found your way here, where I hope to create a special place for book clubs and book club readers.

Over the last few years, I've spoken to more than 50 book clubs from all over the world. Some by phone, some by email. I've Skyped with book clubs and, if I've been close by, I've visited several as well. It's been gratifying for me, as a writer, to be able to connect so intimately with such invested readers. If you'd like to schedule a visit with me, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and tell me about your book club.

In this blog, we'll feature the book clubs I visit. If you send me a picture of your bookclub reading my books, I'll put that up here for the world to see! I'll post exclusive book-club content and hold occasional contests just for you. I'll answer your questions and maybe ask a few of my own.

Check back frequently and thanks for reading!

Suggested Topics: 

Into the Beautiful North

Choices faced by young people in Mexico
Life-changing road trips
Friendships between young women
How movies inspire our actions
The power of a postcard
Small town Mexico as mirrored in small town America
Does midwestern America seem "magic realist" to small town Mexico?
The growing power of women in Mexico
The Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven

The Hummingbird's Daughter

Father-daughter relationships
Native American/Mexican spirituality
Family and ethnic myths and legends
How our oral histories form us

The matrix of holiness, grace & sacredness in the everyday

Totem animals
The Mexican Joan of Arc
What is magic realism?
Cast the movie!

The Devil's Highway

What is illegal immigration?
U.S. Border Patrol
Current immigration issues
Surviving extreme heat
Understanding another viewpoint different from your own
Your immigrant story
Does manifest destiny run in all directions?
What has happened since?


upcoming events

Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College
Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College Apr 27th 7 p.m. Griffin Center, Grossmont College, El Cajon CA

Visiting with the hometown crowd in El Cajon. Details to come.

Griffin Center, Grossmont College, El Cajon CA
Apr 27th
7 p.m.
Grossmont College
Grossmont College Apr 27th 7 p.m. Grossmont College Griffin Center, El Cajon CA

Visiting with my home peeps in El Cajon. See you there! Details to come.

Grossmont College Griffin Center, El Cajon CA
Apr 27th
7 p.m.
Fishtrap 30th Anniversary
Fishtrap 30th Anniversary Jul 10th to Jul 16th Lake Wallowa, OR

Thrilled to return to celebrate with our friends on the shores of Wallowa Lake. Details to come.

Lake Wallowa, OR
Jul 10th to Jul 16th
Breadloaf Writing Conference
Breadloaf Writing Conference Aug 15th to Aug 26th Middlebury, VT

The grandest of all. Details here.

Middlebury, VT
Aug 15th to Aug 26th